Underwater Robotics at Berkeley


Fall 2021

Applications for the fall 2021 semester are now open!


(Contact us if you have any questions or concerns)

Application Process:

  • Deadline: Sept. 22nd 11:59PM PST
  • Emails will be sent out for choosing interview slots
  • Short 20 min interviews will be held virtually in the following weeks
  • Decisions will be sent out after and we will be excited to see you at the general meeting!


Is any prior experience required?

No prior experience is required for any of our teams. Participation in the team is an active learning process. Of course, if you do have experience it will make it easier for you to get up to speed. Refer to subteams section (scroll down) for related course works. Again, Nothing is required, we are always welcome to new members.

How many hours per week of work is expected?

We have a weekly team meeting for 2 hours and a general meeting every other week for 1 hour. We also expect you to do some work outside of worksessions, so expect to put in 4-5 hours of total work each week.

What will we be able to do if working virtually?

On the hardware side, it will mostly be design work and CAD in the fall. We hope Spring is in person to actually build the sub. For software, we’re more lucky as many things can be tested virtually, as well as in the simulator we are building.

Underwater Robotics at Berkeley

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