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URobotics at Berkeley designs, builds, and tests autonomous underwater vehicles to compete at the annual RoboSub Summer Competition. Additionally, we hope to utilize the AUV’s that we build to research different aspects of bodies of water in the Bay Area.

We are always excited to have new members joining our organization, as we want to share our love for underwater robotics and provide students with the opportunity to work on a collaborative project. As members choose their teams, they also develop strong professional knowledge through mentorship with our team leaders as well as via hands-on practice. 

2021 RoboSub

The special circumstances of the 2021 RoboSub season put a halt to our manufacturing tasks and greatly reduced our testing capabilities. Despite the setback, we streamlined our mechanical designs, improved modularity in the electrical system, and performed various tests in simulations thanks to our software team. We are proud of what we achieved through working together remotely. 

Coronavirus Safety Measures

For the Fall semester, we plan to hold all general meetings remotely over Zoom. However, to compete in RoboSub 2021, we plan to finish the construction of our Autonomous Underwater Vehicle during the Fall semester. To achieve this, we will have small build sessions, where members of the Hardware team will meet in person somewhere near campus. However, attendance to these sessions will be completely voluntary, and for the members attending, we will take measures to ensure their health and safety.

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Underwater Robotics at Berkeley

We are a student group acting independently of the University of California. We take full responsibility for our organization and this web site.

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